Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gone For Great

At the request of the band's frontman Nick Johns, I recently went to go see a show by Gone for good, whom I wrote my Q&A about, at the El N'Gee in New London, and I have to say they were surprisingly good live. Because the vocals sound heavily distorted and doctored on their demo CD, I was expecting the live singing to be sub-par.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Unlike a lot of bands who doll up their lead singer's voice on recordings to mask the fact that they can't sing, Johns' voice sounds as good live as it does on their CD, and is one of those rare voices that seems to jump from the microphone and fill the room. I was hoping to catch a cameo by their horn section, "The Bang," but they only play with the three-piece band once in a blue moon and weren't with them that night.

As Nick mentioned in the Q&A Gone for Good is playing garage pop rock at a time when Indie music is really popular, which is another refreshing aspect of their music. If you're ever around New London and you hear about Gone for Good, know that they're worth seeing.

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  1. You should post the Q&A on your blog. The band sounds interesting.