Monday, April 20, 2009

While we're talking about baseball and gambling...

Seeing the preceding picture of Big Papi (David Ortiz) while writing about fantasy baseball and gambling reminded me of my time working at Foxwoods. I used to work in the poker room and the big dude would come to Foxwoods all the time to play blackjack right above me in the Rainmaker section.

Apparently that guy drops some serious cash at the blackjack tables. Word gets around quick when any celebrity is on-site, so one day when I heard he was there I snuck up to the blackjack pit during my lunch break and scouted him out from a distance.

If you think he looks big on have no idea. He's a behemoth. I wish I could've talked to him, but we were expected to be professional and refrain from harassing celebrities if we valued our jobs.


  1. lol. that's too bad you were never able to get a chance to talk to him. My dad said he's a big dude,too, so I definitely believe it. That's really cool you got to see him though.

  2. "Seeing is believing," need I say more?

    And it is a good thing that you were able to refrain yourself from acting like a crazed fan.